"I found your session very informative. Your tips and guidance are great. I searched for months to find not just any nutritionist, but someone who could appreciate a fitness-heavy lifestyle. Your open, non-judgmental professionalism is a perfect fit for me. The virtual sessions make it so easy! It feels like I have a nutritionist in my back pocket. I appreciate everything!"

Emily, Chicago

"Rachel, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you. Danielle has really done well with your advice, guidance, and support. We just left the doctor, and she has lost about 25 pounds and feels so much better about herself. You've given her a great foundation for when she leaves to college, and we both look forward to her continuing with you through virtual sessions while she is away. We are both very grateful!"

Nancy, New York City

"My daughter was very excited when we left her appointment. She said she learned a lot more than expected and is very happy we decided to see Rachel! The BMI explanation had a big impact on her, as well as and the focus on bone health and proper fueling (while still enjoying daily desserts!). Explaining about her BMI was a scientific way of demonstrating that she's not overweight. That really worked her!"

Kristen, New York City

"I love your whole food approach because it's logical and easy for my daughter to understand. It's sad because she knows a few fellow dance students that have eating disorders. When she started obsessing about her weight a few weeks ago I knew I needed to do something. Thank you so much; I really feel like you're the first person we've worked with who understands my daughter's needs as a dancer."

Catherine, San Francisco

"As a professional dancer and fitness professional, I find myself in need of nutritional counseling for myself and my clients quite frequently. Rachel is the ideal choice. Her dance background assures me that she'll understand my needs as a performer and my client's needs as fitness enthusiasts. She also brings a warmth and dedication to her practice that is unparalleled. Rather than establishing a 'doctor/patient' relationship, Rachel speaks to her clients as equals and truly listens to their needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to dancers, athletes, and anyone looking to work with a true expert in nutrition."

Brooke Robyn Dairman, New York City

"Rachel gave an earnest and open nutrition presentation to my group of pre-professional dancers. Her knowledgeable presentation and useful information was immediately applicable. I saw the students and counselors use it to make choices immediately! Her demeanor, engaging and approachable. I'm looking forward to her presentation to this year's group!"

Jennifer Kreichman, Long Island

"Rachel has given nutrition workshops and worked on an individual basis with several of my pre-professional dance students. She integrates the science of nutrition with the art of dance to provide a clear and realistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle during both training and performing seasons."

Willa Damien, Long Island

"Rachel truly understands dancers' needs. In her workshops she gives dance professionals and students the tools to make informed decisions and understand nutrition in a fun way. Her expertise is of great value to the dance community. Dancers of all ages would benefit from her knowledge and advice."

Raquel Valiente, New York City

Rachel Portnof - Registered Dietitian


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